A Major New Parliment Forms in North East.

After a very busy and tiring week I finally found a little time to sit down at my sewing machine. I have been sewing for many months now but not selling anything so the crafts are piling up in the corner of the dining room. I have given away quite a few things but have made little impact on the pile. I’ve been persuaded to have a table at a craft fair next month to see if I can sell some of the things I make so I keep on making in the hope something will eventually sell.

It can be very difficult to decide what to sew. It is something I need to do, it’s helping me to focus so much, it gives me a form of escape from the negative thoughts and nasty memories that I sometimes experience. Sewing also helps me to focus on now and helps to keep my stress levels down. Too much stress for me equals anxiety, anxiety equals panic, panic equals an inability to function with something close to normality. Sewing has always been a therapeutic pastime for me, a good stress reliever and anger outlet. Perhaps instead of dispensing pills and tonics, fabric and thread should be made available on the national health to everybody.

And so yesterday I needed to get down to some sewing again. After discussing it with my sister I decided to try making a an owl doorstop. As with most things I make I draw up my own patterns. A pen a piece of paper and hey presto a pattern for something or other, a few adjustments and Bob’s your Uncle. Only this time the door stop changed into a stuffed owl pretty enough to sit in any teenager’s bedroom.

Then one owl turned into two, then three. My sister happily sat opposite me at what was once regarded as our dining room table, cutting up sheet after sheet of felt, little eyes, little wings, pretty bows whilst I whizzed away on my trusty machine.

And so was born a ‘Parliament of Owls’. It really tickled me when I realised I’d learned at school many, many years ago that a group of owls was known as a ‘parliament’, and never once in my life had I had a reason to use the word till now. Who says you don’t learn anything useful at school!!

I put some photos of the owls on my Facebook page, https://www.facebook.com/WishLadsQuiltsandCrafts and suddenly everyone wants an owl. Well, not everyone, that’s an exaggeration, but two people contacted me with orders. It might not seem a lot but it’s the start I need; it tells me that what I produce is alright, and my designing and sewing skills are fine, it’s just that I have not found the right things to interest people yet. But it’s so easy to allow self-doubt creep in, to allow negativity to overcome positivity.

Not being a seller, it’s difficult to price things too. I don’t want to rob anyone, but it would be nice to make enough money to replace the fabrics I have use.  Then I can carry on making  and others will gain pleasure from what I do.

I suppose just like children we all need the affirmation that what we do is good enough, that it is liked and appreciated, that we’ve done a good job.   I suspect that is also part of why I do what I do. And as long as it doesn’t harm anyone and sewing continues to have a positive effect on me and how I cope with life  then  it’s a very good thing.   Maybe we could all benefit from our own Parliament  of Owls to provide us with the affirmation  people need to live a productive and satisfying life.


Wish Lads Pages and Blogging

I have had my WishLads Facebook page for several months now, and it has been my main showcase for the items I make and sell. I have generated a few customers there, but naturally I would like to expand it into a little business where I can sell my crafts and quilts at reasonable prices. I find my Facebook page a good way of sharing my daily thoughts, nothing too heavy, just general greetings or observations, and somewhere to post the photos where my friends can see them without cluttering up my wall.  If you haven’t already visited, please feel free to drop in sometime and like my page.  Here is the link if you’d like to call in for a sit down and a quick cuppa and a chat.


Comments good or bad are always welcome, please be honest but I’d prefer it if you did not swear as my grandchildren often pop in too checking to see what I’ve been up to and to make sure I’m behaving myself.

I love  having this  blog too.  Ones of my grandsons suggested I use WordPress as a shop front to attract a greater audience for my goods. He showed me the basics then left me to it. I know he is always available to help me if I ask, but I am an independent person, pigheadedness my hubby calls it and if i an truly Honest, I honestly preferq to do it on my own. I get a lot of pleasure from writing and sharing my thought with others and it’s a good showcase for my goods. Sometimes it’s good for me just to get things off my chest, a trouble shared is a troubled halved. So I benefit from writing too.  But I am still learning how to use WordPress and I often make mistakes and lose what I’ve written, or I forget to save any corrections that I make and sometimes I lose the illustrations I have added, or think I have added.  I learn by doing, reading, and making mistakes so forgive the errors, I will keep trying and I will get there eventually.

I have read the hints and ideas others have blogged about but sometimes it reads like a foreign language. the only other language I speak is ‘Geordie’, so I am afraid it is all gobbledygook to me. I have a few loyal people who follow my blog; a few who send comments about the things I make; and a few who ‘like’ what I write so I can’t be doing too badly.

I have good friends who send messages that are a great boost to my confidence. One lady in particular seems to choose to contact me just when I’m finding it a tad hard to cope, and she always says something that makes me think, ‘get off your bottom woman, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something with your life’. Then I bounce back up, albeit (I love that word) for a day or two, but enough to get me motivated again.

Rarely am I stuck for things to write about as I have a head stuffed full of all sorts of knowledge and nonsense and enough time on my hands to jot them down.

I hope there us something on my blog you have enjoyed looking at or reading. I hope I have been able to share with you the pleasure I get from writing and making the things I do. And I hope you call back regularly and, like my grandchildren, look to see what I’ve been up to.






Love it or hate it, Facebook is here to stay. It’s a great way to keep in touch with family and friends and in my case, neighbours, via Australia.

Let me explain. Last year my grandson was in hospital and I was spending a lot of time on the ward with him so his mum could go home for a change of clothes etc, and allow her to spend time with her other two children. I didn’t have time to call on my neighbours to see they were alright, and to tell them about Chris. But they were informed through the power of Facebook. I posted updates on Facebook, mainly for the family, it’s easier than phoning everyone. My neighbour’s daughter in Australia read the posts and told her mum when they spoke on Skype. With only a driveway between us, they found out the news via the other side of the world. We had a good laugh about that when we finally saw each other.

Recently, I read of a lady in London who was left a note by another motorist, who had witnessed a wagon driver scrape down the side of her car before driving off. But the power of Facebook, along with a copy of the letter showing the wagon’s reg number, helped to identify the culprit who was found and made to pay up for the damage he’d caused.

People have found long-lost relatives, lost dogs and cars and only two days ago a rabbit that had escaped was returned to its owner.

But not everything about Facebook is of a positive nature. I know families across the country and beyond were deeply concerned about the emergence of the necknominations that swept the web last month. People died carrying out stupid, senseless nominations to drink ridiculous concoctions that became more and more bizarre as the days passed. Happily, that trend seems to have died out as people came to their senses and realised the futility of these dares. I imagine the parents of numerous teenagers breathed a sigh of relief when it finally drew to a close.

I am always amazed at what people believe. It’s on Facebook so it must be true. Do people not realise that any nutcase can write something, cite it as fact, and lead people along like sheep to the slaughter? When did we stop questioning what we read or are told? When did we give up thinking for ourselves? I despair of society sometimes and do not like the implications for future generations.

Tonight I read on Facebook that people are posting photos of themselves without make-up to raise awareness of cancer. How it raises awareness I’ve yet to discover, but like sheep people are jumping on the band wagon without thinking or questioning why. I could understand the trend if the people taking part made a donation to a cancer research programme, or for McMillan nurses, otherwise it’s a quite pointless exercise.

I suppose the ladies who take part can congratulate each other on how pretty/beautiful/amazing they each look without make-up. It may not raise cancer awareness but it will certainly boost the confidence and self-esteem of the British female public for a short while.

The government will surely see the value of these ‘selfies’ and will adopt the strategy to boost the economy, ergo the confidence of the public. What a wonderful society it will be.

But that’s me, a cynical woman who thinks deeply about issues, who by my actions tries to help others, who questions what I read and endeavours to make sense of a world where often there is no sense.