New Makes




After a long break I’ve finally found the time to restart my sewing. I lost my confidence for a while but I’m getting back on track now.

Just this past couple of weeks I have been busy sewing away. First I recreated a little dolly I made many years ago for one of daughters.  I wasn’t sure if I could remember how they went, but after a bit of fiddling round, a smidgen of trial and  error, and  I was happy with the outcome.  The little cots proved a bit harder to make but I managed in the end.   I quilted some vintage brocade which I then used to  form the body of the carry cot.

Lining the little cots took a good bit thinking about, but they all came right in qqthe end.  They are just the right size to carry the baby buntings anywhere your little one cares to go.