North of England, U.K.

Bio: Hi and a warm Geordie welcome to Wishlads. For those of you who are not Geordies, the name 'Wishlads' is the opening line of the chorus of an old song. Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs, (=Be quiet, boys, shut your mouths) An' aa'll tell ye aall an aaful story, (=I'll tell you all an awful) Whisht! lads, haad yor gobs, An' Aa'll tel ye 'boot the worm. (=about) For years I'd produced crafts for the stall at the church Fare, made clothes for my children, bridesmaid dresses, patchwork and numerous other projects, including embroidery and cross stitch. But as my work commitments increased I gradually did less and less until I stopped sewing all together. For the next 23 years I worked in education with children with special needs, and over the last 10 years I was also teaching adults at college. I had been ill and unable to work for quite a few months and could not face going back to work. So a couple of years ago I decided to take early retirement and working on my recovering my health. I missed the, hustle bustle of a busy working life and needed a new focus in my life. So after digging out and dusting off the cobwebs on my old singer sewing machine, I decide to make a patchwork cot quilt. The day I started cutting the fabric for the quilt my husband and I received a phone telling us we were going to be great grandparents!! What a coincidence. The quilt was to have a home before it was finished. This was just the first quilt of many as my work covered bed after bed around the family's bedrooms. The demand for cushions kept me busy, then a friend requested educational activities. You'll find that some of the activities I make are simple but designed to assist and promote basic development skills which are vital to all children. There was always someone in the family who needed a bag or something so I was kept busy. Then someone suggested I sell some of the things I'd made and so Wish Lads was born. The thrill I got after my first online sale kept my buzzing for days. I have since sold quite a variety of things, and my dining room has been taken over by the mountains of fabric, threads, ribbons and buttons. I'm hoping very soon to be moving into my very own craft room. My little venture is no longer a hobby. Since March 2014, I'm officially registered as a tax paying business with all the rules and regulations associated with it. I hope you will take the time to browse through my photograph albums and consider making a purchase or two that will keep me busy, and off the streets. Having this website is also a great platform for me to explore my creative writing side. Something I 'lost' when I was in the depth of my illness, but which is beneficial me. I hope you enjoy my little ramblings as much as I enjoy writing them. But most of all I hope you enjoy seeing and sharing what I've been up to. 'Whisht Lads', I have something to show you.

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