Wish Lads Pages and Blogging

I have had my WishLads Facebook page for several months now, and it has been my main showcase for the items I make and sell. I have generated a few customers there, but naturally I would like to expand it into a little business where I can sell my crafts and quilts at reasonable prices. I find my Facebook page a good way of sharing my daily thoughts, nothing too heavy, just general greetings or observations, and somewhere to post the photos where my friends can see them without cluttering up my wall.  If you haven’t already visited, please feel free to drop in sometime and like my page.  Here is the link if you’d like to call in for a sit down and a quick cuppa and a chat.


Comments good or bad are always welcome, please be honest but I’d prefer it if you did not swear as my grandchildren often pop in too checking to see what I’ve been up to and to make sure I’m behaving myself.

I love  having this  blog too.  Ones of my grandsons suggested I use WordPress as a shop front to attract a greater audience for my goods. He showed me the basics then left me to it. I know he is always available to help me if I ask, but I am an independent person, pigheadedness my hubby calls it and if i an truly Honest, I honestly preferq to do it on my own. I get a lot of pleasure from writing and sharing my thought with others and it’s a good showcase for my goods. Sometimes it’s good for me just to get things off my chest, a trouble shared is a troubled halved. So I benefit from writing too.  But I am still learning how to use WordPress and I often make mistakes and lose what I’ve written, or I forget to save any corrections that I make and sometimes I lose the illustrations I have added, or think I have added.  I learn by doing, reading, and making mistakes so forgive the errors, I will keep trying and I will get there eventually.

I have read the hints and ideas others have blogged about but sometimes it reads like a foreign language. the only other language I speak is ‘Geordie’, so I am afraid it is all gobbledygook to me. I have a few loyal people who follow my blog; a few who send comments about the things I make; and a few who ‘like’ what I write so I can’t be doing too badly.

I have good friends who send messages that are a great boost to my confidence. One lady in particular seems to choose to contact me just when I’m finding it a tad hard to cope, and she always says something that makes me think, ‘get off your bottom woman, stop feeling sorry for yourself and do something with your life’. Then I bounce back up, albeit (I love that word) for a day or two, but enough to get me motivated again.

Rarely am I stuck for things to write about as I have a head stuffed full of all sorts of knowledge and nonsense and enough time on my hands to jot them down.

I hope there us something on my blog you have enjoyed looking at or reading. I hope I have been able to share with you the pleasure I get from writing and making the things I do. And I hope you call back regularly and, like my grandchildren, look to see what I’ve been up to.






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