Random Thoughts

Yesterday I took the day off; I had an appointment for a chest x-ray, just routine, as part of my yearly overhaul.  Then I spent a couple of hours over lunch with my hubby, nice food but such a cold place.  We never took our coats off.  Methinks this is taking the energy increases too far, it won’t attract new customers and will certainly discourage the regulars from coming back. What they save on heating, they’ll lose in revenue.

Today, I had a productive day’s sewing,  and sent off  some of my Busy Books.  Whilst I have been sewing my mind has wandered as usual and I thought I would share some of my random thoughts.

    1. Of all the cars we’ve had over the years I’ve never been able to work the radio in any of them
    2. my hubby bought me a CD centre thingy about three years ago, I can’t work that either
    3. I’m technically inadequate with electricals
    4. We’ve never owned a blue car
    5. I’ve lived in this house about 25 years and only really  know half a dozen  of the neighbours
    6. I had another set of tests today (also part of my yearly overhaul) and I have no idea what they are going to do with all the blood they’ve taken
    7. I didn’t realise  the numbers on the personal scales went that high, oops
    8. I intensely dislike all the adverts for charities that are flooding our television screens
    9. The story of the Three Bears portrays anti-social behaviour
    10. The careers advisor suggested I could work in a sewing factory; I hated the idea.  What have I been doing most days for the past year?   Mmmm……..
    11. I think too much……….


What random thoughts do other people have?  Feel free to share them, I’d be interested to hear.


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