Duck Egg Blue Quilt


This has to be one of my favourite quilts.  I made it for a friend of a friend who wanted a quilt made in duck egg blue.  I have just sold it this week, even though I finished it a couple of months ago.  I sent it off for her but I didn’t hear anything. I was beginning to think it wasn’t what the friend wanted, and as usual all the self-doubts crept in till I told myself it didn’t matter, I had enjoyed making it anyway.  But then I got news that it had been delivered and it felt so good to be told it had been liked.  lt was also good to be paid for my efforts and have my self-doubts wiped away. Life is ok at the moment!!

It’s was rather scary making a quilt for someone in a specific colour and pattern because we all have our own ideas, and views about patterns and colours.  I tend to like subtle, muted colours, neutral with a splash of colour here and there.  At the moment I’m making a quilt in teal and I have the same misgivings as I had for the one above.

Because I’ve chosen the fabrics and the design, will it meet the persons expectations?   I try to follow their instructions and desires but it’s impossible not to put  something of my own likes and preferences into it.  When I’ve made quilts for family members I’ve known the colour scheme of their bedrooms; I’ve been in their rooms so I know what will fit in and match their personality too. that makes the task far easier.

But if everything was laid out on a plate, all clear-cut, it would start to get monotonous and boring, it would become a chore to produce quilts and I would dislike that intensely. It’s very much like life, how boring it would be without a little conflict and stress to brighten up a day.

I’ll be going out later today for lunch which I love to do,  and then a spot of shopping which I would gladly give a miss. Unless its fabric shopping, then I will be in my element.  Well, we will see what i can find to bring home.


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