Long day

Time for a sit down I think.   I’ve been sewing for most of the last two days and now it’s time to stop and take stock of where I’m at.

Luckily, I’ve had help with the cutting out so I managed to finish off  a cot quilt and several busy books yesterday and another couple of books and several aprons today.  I’ve also received an order for three of my busy books so they’ll  be going off in the post soon.    I’m glad they are popular, it gives me a great sense of satisfaction when I receive feedback from customers telling me how much the children enjoy the activities.

It’s been quite a rewarding day, my sister and I have been talking through how to adapt some of the books I’ve made. We’ve discussed how to include other areas of learning, and I’ve explained how some development in children is promoted through play and why certain things work better than others.  I’d forgotten how much I enjoy sharing my knowledge and teaching others, but not enough to return to the world of education.  I’ve been retired for a year now, and I’m learning to adopt a completely different way of life.

I no longer have all the hustle and bustle, planning and marking, stress and targets that were a big part of my life for very many years.  I no longer live my life by timetables, ruled by clocks and alarms: I get out of bed when I wake up, eat when I’m hungry and sleep when I’m tired; I go out when I can and stay in when I can’t and I’m answerable to nobody but myself.

I’ve had a couple of visitors over the past few days: our house is always busy.  Just after I returned from the doctor’s my  lovely neighbour called in for coffee and a chat,  and as usual we put the world to rights before lunch.  Then we had an unexpected visit from our second son, I’ve never been sure if he adopted us or we adopted him,  but he has been around for so many years he’s loved like, and regarded as , one of  the family.   He’s always a welcome visitor, he always makes me smile,  just seeing him and hearing his news boosted my mood, this weekend.  Which was just what the doctor ordered to help dispel the  anxiety and panic I’m struggling with at the moment.  I’m looking forward to his visit next weekend, I’ll have to bake a cake or some cheese scones to have with our coffee.

I’m very pleased with all the new books I’ve made over the past few days. But I must remember to pace myself better.  I lost track of time today and had been sitting at the sewing machine for hours.  It wasn’t till I moved to answer the phone did I realise how stiff I was from sitting so long.  I haven’t quite got the hang of being my own boss and working from home.  

Nevertheless, I’m sure I’ll adapt eventually and I’ll learn to factor in break times and  some days off.  I’m sure my husband will keep me on the straight and narrow and carry on feeding me periodically. And nag me when he deems it necessary.

My little stock of crafts for the fair is steadily increasing, so it should be a successful  day.  As  well as the busy books I now have a small pile of aprons, for children and adults.  The Dr Who fabric I had left from a previous project was ideal for the aprons.  In the back of my cupboard I found some beautiful material I’d purchased from IKEA a while ago.  Just the right colours and design for aprons for  girls and their mums.  I have a selection of crafts in my  boxes, so hopefully there will be something to appeal to  everyone.

Tomorrow, I’m having a day off.  I have to go for a chest X-ray, just a routine check for this silly cough I have developed.   Then hubby and I are having lunch somewhere quiet  before returning home.  I hope you all have an enjoyable week and visit again soon.


2 thoughts on “Long day

  1. Hello there i would just like to say i have had some lovely things all brilliantly made. My quilt and cushions bag are all soo nice i love them all. 😀 i would definatly reconmend people to buy things from this wonderful lady (my grandma) because she is so good at what she does.and works very hard. Thank you 🙂 x


    • Aw, bless you Charlotte. I love making things for all of you. It gives me so much pleasure to find materials I know you are going to like. I think one of my favourite things is the tiger cushion I made for you. I love that fabric. Xxxx


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