Busy books

Finished a few more busy books this weekend.

A tiny town with vehicles and garage.  A pocket on the back to store vehicles.
Materials: cotton fabric, felt,
Promotes: hand/eye coordination, imaginative play, colour recognition, language and social development.


A fastening book, shapes with buttons and
corresponding shadows. Has a pocket on the back to store shapes when not in use.
Materials: cotton fabric, felt, buttons.
Promotes: colour and shape recognition and matching, fine motor skills, language development.

Fishing book.
A little fisherman sitting in his boat catching numbered fish with his magnetic fishing rod. The boat is fastened with Velcro which can be stored behind the waves with the fish.
Materials: cotton fabric, felt, wooden dowelling, wooden bead, Velcro, foam, metal paper clips, knitted fabric, ribbon, metal magnet
Promotes: hand/eye coordination, fine motor skills, colour recognition, language development, imaginative play,

A puzzle book.
Four different 4 piece puzzles. The puzzle pieces are stored in two small pockets on one side of the book. The opposite page has a grid where the puzzles can be pieced back together. The puzzle pieces show a circle, square, triangle and star shape
Material, felt, cotton fabric, satin ribbon, colour recognition, shape development, thinking skills.


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