It’s been a busy week and after a very long lie- in this morning, a very quiet day. A couple of days ago , I started cutting and sewing together a patchwork quilt. It’s going to be a predominately teal coloured king size quilt that someone has ordered.


I love this colour so it’s a joy for me to work on. I don’t know the name of the patchwork design that I’m doing.  I saw it on the internet one day, loved it, and copied it. This will be the third quilt I’ve made in this pattern so it should be easy peasey as my granny used to say. Unfortunately, I have the worst memory in the world so I’ll be consulting my little notebook to remind me what to do. I write down everything I make because I don’t have patterns, I make things  as I need them. I keep a written record of the materials I use for when I want to make another and a photographic record to help my memory along. It’s an aid-memoirs that has never let me down yet.



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