It’s half term, and we’ve had two of our grandson staying with us while their mum is working. They’ve been busy all week. They’ve had some time playing on the iPad and laptop, like lots of children these days, but spent even more time just playing. They’ve had cars and building equipment scattered far and wide across our rooms and crafty bits littering the table and floor. My dining room table and the chair by the French doors became a castle and a robber’s hideout and the dining rooms chairs turned into get away cars. A couple of sets of ear plugs would have been a good idea at times.

This morning we needed to refill the cupboards, young boys have voracious appetites, so a trip to the supermarket was on the cards.  Fourteen year old lads and grocery shopping are usually worlds apart, so I was pleasantly surprised when what started out as a chore for my grandson Cam, quickly changed into a pleasure.

On telling my grandson I needed his help with a little math to compare prices of products, Cam took charge of my trolley and consequently my shopping. He revelled in advising his granddad which products were cheaper and more tasty, and even suggested a few different recipes for the chicken we bought. At the till he proved to be a whizz at emptying the trolley then packing the bags as the food whipped through the scanner. The assistant was very impressed with Cam’s skills and also commented on how well behaved and polite he and his little brother were.

Back home the groceries magically disappeared as the two boys dashed from cupboard to cupboard, then before I knew it the bags were empty and replaced in the boot of the car ready for the next trip to the supermarket.

I had a day off from ‘playing’ with our grandsons today, so it was down to Granddad to keep them amused. They spent a good couple of hours quietly making masks while I put my feet up with a cup of coffee after lunch.

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