Busy Books

I first made one of these BUSY BOOKS nearly thirty years ago whilst I was in college. We had to produce 6 different resources that could be used to further children’s development.  I called it my BUSY BOOK.   It had ten pages and focused on different kinds of fasteners a child might encounter and learn how to do.  It was bright and colourful and promoted a lot of speech develoment.

Today, lots of people produce what they call QUIET BOOKS.  How times have changed.  My book was meant to be used with an adult or alone, depending on the age and ability of the child.  It was never intended to keep a child QUIET. I hold to that principle today. Children need conversation and interaction to help develop their emotional and social development. Children need to develop their attention span to enable them to fully engage with more complex activities they’ll carry out as they get older. That is why mine are BUSY BOOKS, because they entertain and teach and keep children focused and busy. Yet they can be used in a way that does not disturb other people near by if need be. But the main intention of my books remains the promotion of the development of children in a fun and imaginative way.

Today I have finished off a selection of BUSY BOOKS which I hope you will enjoy looking at. I’ll include a brief outline of what areas of development each book can promote. If you have any questions or need more information, please message me, I’ll be glad to help






This is Noah’s Ark.
It’s intended for young children who are discovering the value of books. Some of the animals can be stored in the ark, or in the grass behind the creepers. They can be paired up or played with in imaginative play.
This book promotes langauge development, imagination, matching, story telling, prediction, gender conversation – male / female, hand/eye coordination, counting, colours, and encourages tidying up afterwards. And it is also a lot of fun.
Made with cotton fabric, felt, velcro
Cost £12 plus p&p


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