Happy St. Valentines Day


Happy Valentines Day.

It’s been a busy week, I made a set of cushion covers for my daughter, and I’m very pleased with the finished results.  The material was origanally a pair of curtains my daughter bought from Primark to make the cushion covers. They were just the colour she’d been searching for and fit perfectly in her living room.  Like me she loves to scour charity shops and shop sales for bargains and items she can recycle or upcycle as its called these days.


I posted off my first online order this week, to a lovely lady for some children’s activities and a busy book. Being new to online selling I was naturally nervous about getting it right.  but everything ran smoothly once  I had reset my Paypal account ( I had forgotten the password again! ).  Thank you Monique for your order and the complimentary feedback.

Doll dressing book. Small doll and selection of clothes for different situations, bed and pillow.

Doll dressing book. Small doll and selection of clothes 

Doll dressing book

Doll dressing book


Doll dressing Book

Doll dressing Book


Picture matching game, pairs,

Picture matching game, pairs,


One of my granddaughters had her 15th birthday yesterday, a date I can never forget.  I helped deliver her, then spent a couple of days in hospital with her and my daughter who was rather poorly. Consequently, I missed my wedding anniversary which was 14th February, St Valentine’s day. My poor husband spent the next day and night on his own and  then we were both back to work. It was a fortnight before we could find the time to be together, but that’s family life for you and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

This year though we didn’t miss our wedding anniversary. Valentines day is very popular in our part of the world, making it very difficult to book a restaurant on our wedding anniversary so we celebrated a day early with some good friends yesterday. I’ve had a lovely day with my husband, then shared a romantic dinner and bottle of wine tonight at home and just enjoyed being together. And very soon we’ll be rounding off our celebrations with a trip away to Tunisia, so I’ll have to get busy with my sewing machine.

I hope whatever you did today, you also found time to be with those you love. Xxx


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